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Time in England

Radka Fialova on 21 April 2011

We planned to stay in Liverpool with Jonny's mum and dad from 4th April to 21st April. It was really nice couple of weeks. Jonny's mum Jane turned into our personal helper (thanks Jane).

She spent lots of time talking to us about the trip and driving us around the shops. Jonny's dad Dave was helping on the technical side.

We had a vaccinations consultation in the the School of Tropical medicine in Liverpool. We knew we were really late starting vaccinations just a few weeks before our trip, but it was just so much cheaper to do it in the UK than in Belgium.

We had some time to ride around on our bikes and test out the set up. It was our second trip out, I was still getting used to my new SPD peddles. You might know where I am going with this...yes, I had my first fall. I fell like a sack of potatoes when I had to do quick emergency stop and did not have enough time to wiggle my foot out of the peddles.

I bruised my knee and my ego!!! I was so upset I said I will never make it round the world if I can't even cycle in Liverpool...

Thanks to all friends and family for seeing us off, we had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from our preperation time in England.

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